Apr 25, 2009

Happy Valentines Day to me

This year my thoughtful hubby gave me a most excellent Valentines Day present: a gift certificate for a pedicure. I told him I'd save it until I was hugely pregnant, couldn't reach my feet, and my tootsies were in a sad state.

Since my swollen feet are sore most of the time now and my nail polish is perpetually chipped, I opted to schedule my pampering appointment for this morning. did not disappoint!

While Garry was braving 39-degree Portland-style weather to build a gate and the boys ran about like hooligans, I sat in a warm and cozy massage chair and let a kind soul soak, scrub, and rub my feet. As Garry dealt with naps and snacks and broken vacuums, I relaxed and enjoyed every second of my quiet, peaceful hour in the salon. Ah, bliss.

Because I've been pampered like this before, I expected to enjoy this little indulgence. What's not to love about foot rubs and professionally painted toenails? But today I reveled in an additional luxury: conversing with a real live adult human, one-on-one, for an hour. It was absolutely lovely.

So Garry, thank you....from the bottom of my toes all the way up to my heart.
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