Apr 30, 2009

Operation: Emancipation

When I was assigned partial bed rest thirty days ago, I never imagined that I'd survive it. But survive I have -- baby intact, no less -- and the light at the end of the tunnel is drawing nigh. On Monday I will reach 37 weeks, when I can get out of bed and do a jig!

During the month of April I have been so grateful for the helping hands and kind hearts that have made my life easier. While every service was a blessing, I have especially enjoyed having clean bathrooms and hand-delivered, home-cooked meals. Since I can't bottle up a freshly scrubbed bathroom for safe keeping, I've decided to attempt the next thing on the list: dinners.

So I'm currently conspiring to make Monday my cooking day and fill my freezer with as many dinners as I can. I have a few ideas, some recipes, and a loose plan, but I imagine that some of you out there have more experience with such an effort than this kitchen slacker.

If you have a recipe that you know freezes well, doesn't contain sea creatures, and isn't complicated, would you please email me ( I'd really appreciate it...and so would my family, who will undoubtedly grow tired of the cereal/sandwiches/burritos routine we'll fall into if I don't follow through with this plan!

Wish me good fortune with such an ambitious endeavor. With a little luck, I'll fill up my freezer, clean up the mess, and go into labor!
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