Apr 23, 2009

Random photos of the week

These snapshots won't win any awards,
but they capture some fun moments from our week.

Our back yard play structure was the hub of neighborhood activity
on Monday and Tuesday, when school was out
for literacy testing and the weather was fabulous.
We even had a family picnic for dinner, which spiced up boring leftovers.

I am a giant. I cannot reach my feet, and they are giant, too.
{Thanks for the fun photo idea, Krista!}

As promised, my first tulip bloom {does anyone else even care?}.
This delightful splash of color arrived Thursday.
I find myself peeking out my kitchen window to check on it. It just makes me happy.

Thursday was crazy hat day AND bring-your-lunch-to-school day at preschool.

April 1 marked five years at Wells Fargo for Garry.
He got this nice {blurry} letter and a commemorative pin.
Too bad getting an "oops" ten-year pin doesn't mean a bigger salary and more PTO.

Last week's storm brought lots of wind
that knocked down a few sections of our back yard fence.
Garry rebuilt/reinforced it during a couple evenings this week.
He has Saturday plans to build and install a gate from our back yard
to the greenway. We're excited about that!

Little Gavin thought it would be fun to get himself a snack.
See the little green bowl he was trying to fill?
This mess was worse than emptying a new bag of sliced bread,
but not as bad as shattering a glass cereal bowl, which he did last week.
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