Apr 14, 2009

Three boys

There have been many times lately that Gavin has pulled a face or made a gesture that brought back strong memories of either Zachary or Tyler. So today, because I am bored out of my mind, I decided to look up photos of the older boys at Gavin's stage and see if these recollections are pure imagination or if Gavin really does look and act like his brothers did.

Our online archive of The Bartle Bulletin newsletters is a treasure trove of fun stories. At almost 17 months, Zachary was working puzzles, just learning to sleep well, still very attached to his binky, and had just learned to open door
s. At the same age, Tyler was learning to overcome stranger anxiety, chipped his second front tooth in a hotel swimming pool, and delighted everyone with fabulous impersonations of The Incredible Hulk.

After reading several issues of our old newsletter, I'm convinced that Zachary and Gavin are my two busiest toddlers, although Tyler gave me a run for my money at this age with all the climbing he did. Gavin is the best sleeper (probably because I learned a few things along the way) and the chubbiest of the three. But I'm a little surprised at how different the three boys look at the same age. There's no doubt these kids are brothers, but they definitely have their own looks!

The really interesting thing will be discovering what girly Bartle genes look like!
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