Apr 10, 2009

Gavin's guide to bed rest

Since Mom's commentary gets a little dull, I thought I'd offer details on a day in
my life. Mom thinks the days are kinda boring, but I beg to differ.

This is what I do every day after breakfast. I think Mom traps me here as long as possible and takes her sweet time getting ready. The joke is usually on her, though; I can pull towels off the rack, nab things from open drawers, and scream to high heaven if I'm not content. But I also really like to jump, especially when someone turns on some music for me. My favorite jam sessions often happen when Mom uses the playlist on her cousin's blog. It's the best!

Getting dressed is hilarious. I find all kinds of ways to distract and delay the process. But today I was semi-helpful and handed Mom my clothes from the laundry basket so she could put them away. I don't see why she cared that I unfolded every item in the process.

Tyler and I goofed around in my room after that. Hiding under the bed is a new favorite game. I discovered that Mom hides lots of my stuffed friends under there. I also figured out that I can sneak under the bed and tip over the humidifier without getting caught. Mom sent me out of the room after that. Her room is better anyway.

I love Mom's cell phone. I like to pretend I'm calling Dad. (Sometimes Mom calls him for me because I like to hear his voice. I think that every person Mom talks to on the phone is Dad and I want to talk to them until I figure out who they are.) I'm trying to learn how to slide the phone open so I can send my own text messages. I am the reason Mom carries insurance on the cell phone. The computer is also pretty fun, all set up on that breakfast tray. I love to look at pictures on the computer, especially if they are of Daddy. I beg for Daddy all day long, but he takes forever to get home.

Around 8:40 I found Mom's empty water cup and took it upon myself to fill it up. Mom sent Tyler after me, but he was too slow. I filled it up using the fridge water dispenser (hahaha...someone forgot the child lock!) and dumped it on myself. I was pretty proud of myself for ruining my first outfit before 9:00 a.m.

Tyler read me some stories this morning while I pulled book after book out of the basket. Sometimes I let Mom read or point out pictures, but mostly I wanted to turn pages and throw the books off the bed. After about ten minutes of this educational garbage, I got off the bed in search of a new adventure.

Drawers! I love drawers! Socks are especially entertaining, as are all things silky that I can drape around my neck. I could drag laundry around all day long. Dad couldn't figure out why one of his t-shirts was on the kitchen floor last night.

Mom calls 9:00 the blessed hour. That's a crock. I have to take a nap! I usually don't cry at all, but today I was having too much fun and got interrupted. Plus, Mom had the camera out so I thought I should be a little theatrical. Usually I say, "Cheeeeessssse!" but not this time.

I slept until 10:45. Very respectable. Not respectable (at least to Mom): taking off my jacket during naptime. Hahaha...I can work zippers now.

When I got up, Mom's friend Shaina was at our house. Why she chose to spend her morning cleaning our bathrooms is beyond me, but Mom was happy about it. When Shaina started making dinner for us, I kept taking stuff out of the fridge and trying to throw it away. (Mom wonders if this is why the Worcestershire sauce is missing. Did I throw it away? I don't remember.) So I ate a snack.

Tyler went to play outside and I really, really wanted to go with him. I even got shoes for Mom to put on my feet. She obliged, even letting me wear her socks (which I chose myself, of course), but I was pretty mad when she made me stay inside. I like to throw rocks, make Mom chase me all over the yard, give her heart attacks when I try to jump off the play structure, and do other fun things like that. What's the big deal?

To distract me, Mom took me back to her room. We tried reading books again. That lasted about a minute. Mom tried a number of activities, but I wasn't buying it. I wanted to go outside. Standing on the chair next to the window is a pretty sorry substitute. I found Mom's phone and threw it at the computer. This is what happened to me:

Later, I remembered that Dad's alarm clock makes music. I knew just what button to push. And then I danced. The world was happy again.

At noon, a couple of Mom's friends came over to practice singing. They brought some friends for me. Fabulous! And then the biggest surprise: Daddy came home! He said it was to get something ready for the talent show tonight, but I know it was for me. I made his task a little difficult since Mom was busy, but he did let me listen to his iPod for a bit.

And then I ate lunch. Hooray for $1 Lunchables. They rock. After I ate, Daddy put me down for my nap...a little late, at 1:15 p.m. I didn't cry for him, of course.

Mom and I both overslept. Tyler woke us up at the precise moment the phone rang, which was the second we needed to walk out the door to get Zach. Tyler entertained me in my crib for a minute. He was playing peek-a-boo with me and I was laughing hysterically! I didn't want to leave at first, but when Mom said "car" I changed my mind. She lets me climb into the van by myself now, and it's awesome. I wish I could figure out how to get all the way up in my car seat!

On the way to Zach's school, we listened to the
Wicked soundtrack. That music is so cool. I kick my legs and bob my head to the music when I hear it. I greeted Zach with a huge grin when he got in the van. I was equally happy when it was snack time. I got applesauce and Nilla Wafers. And a few bites of Tyler's pudding. What a treat. Mom is such a softie sometimes. She practiced her song for the talent show while I chowed down.

After that, we took our daily jaunt to the mailbox. I got to carry the keys. Daddy got a birthday card in the mail, and I carried it safely home.

I beat Mom back to the front yard and tried climbing into the planter. I just wanted to check out the tulips (there are a million!), but I had to go inside instead. I kept a vigil at the front door for a while, watching Zachary and Tyler play with their friends.

It wasn't long until Daddy came home and Mommy's shift ended. We are both always happy to see Dad at the end of the day!
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