Apr 16, 2009

Talents shown

The second annual Colorado Springs Ninth Ward talent show (held last Friday evening) was a rip-roaring success! Thanks to my recently-bolstered committee, I enjoyed the role of organizer/facilitator and barely lifted a finger. I did walk too much throughout the evening, but the ensuing contractions dissipated when I got in bed after the show. Little Miss is staying put.

Ward members of all ages performed quite a variety of talents. Among my favorites were a family that offered a hoe-down-style instrumental number called "Orange Blossom Special," a group of teenagers who did swing dancing, a boy who played a virtual drum, and, of course, my own children, whose dancing and pogo numbers were delightful!

Tyler danced to "Upside Down" by Jack Johnson, which is featured on the movie Curious George. Although some of his signature moves didn't appear in his performance, he pulled out some new ones that we just found hysterical. Please be patient with my atrocious camera work and the poor quality video. I shot it with our little digital camera and I was laughing so hard the image is far from steady.

Later in the show, Zachary jumped on his pogo stick to a clip from the "William Tell Overture." It was a great length for the show, but Zach clearly could have jumped for a lot longer! On Thursday when he was practicing he did 350 consecutive jumps!

The next video is of the piano duet I played with Lori Miller, a friend in our ward. We played a piece called "Nola," which I originally learned with my mom way back in the day.

Garry's special talent for the evening was wrangling/entertaining the Gavinator, whose patience for a two-hour show that began at his bedtime waned early. At the end of the evening, an exhausted Daddy moaned, "Do I really have to do church with this child in just two days?" Answer: yes. And he did. It was exhausting. Garry's talents are also responsible for editing the videos for posting here.

The final number of the evening brought the house down. The bishopric (the ecclesiastical leaders of our congregation) sang "I'm a Believer" by the Monkees. These guys were such great sports! Our bishop is the man in the middle with the fabulous hat and sunglasses. What you don't see in the video is that all of their wives were sitting on the edge of the stage, the objects of their husbands adoration.

Talent displays were part of the activity, and our boys participated here, as well. Tyler displayed some of his recent drawing and coloring projects, and Zachary displayed ten paper airplanes from his collection. We were impressed with our boys' creativity!

And so passed the last ward activity before my baby's birth. I'm relieved to have gotten through it. I think it's ironic that, in my relief, I spent Friday night dreaming about the next activity scheduled for June 6! Can't a girl catch a break?
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