Feb 1, 2009

In the kitchen

I'm not one to experiment in the kitchen very often. When I do, my efforts almost universally crash and burn. New recipes either don't turn out or are met with general disapproval from those forced to eat them. It's a bad cycle because I get bored of the same old stuff, but experience tells me, "Don't rock the boat!"

However, our recent Family Fun Time institution calls for the making of something yummy on Sundays, usually for the purpose of a Family Home Evening treat on Mondays. Tyler and I really enjoyed the fruit salsa and cinnamon chips we had at a friend's house this week, so we decided to try making our own this morning.

Zachary and Tyler scooped out frozen o.j. concentrate into a pitcher and Zach stirred it up.

I cut up strawberries, kiwis, and Granny Smith apples. That all went into the Vita-Mix with some blueberries and a little orange juice (um, too much orange juice).

To make the cinnamon chips, the boys dipped sliced tortillas in water and covered them with cinnamon and sugar. They baked in the oven (a little too long...).

If nothing else, we had a good time in the kitchen together. That's the whole point, right?
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