Feb 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

I'm not a superstitious person, but when the shoe fits....

Garry was just in a fender-bender. Apparently last night's snow flurry and today's sub-freezing temperatures have made for slick roads. Slow driving and early braking just weren't enough to get out of the neighborhood safely this time, darn it. Thankfully, Garry is safe and the damage to both cars is minimal.

The other car.

Our car.

This incident reminded me of February 14, 2000, when our Accord (the car Garry drives now) was just a few months old. Garry and I were BYU students living at Wymount Terrace. I drove home from work and parked the car but forgot to set the parking brake (or something...we're not sure). A few minutes later I got a phone call from a neighbor whose apartment was rattled when our vehicle backed into her bedroom wall. Our car had rolled backwards across the parking lot, taken down a disabled parking space sign, and bumped into the brick-walled apartment building. Lemme tell ya, I felt like a winner. Garry's got nothing on my idiocy! I just might have to dig up a picture to prove it.

Perhaps this Friday the 13th omen is telling us to save our pennies for something besides curtains and large televisions. Rainy (er, icy) days always come calling when we're close to doing something fun!
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