Feb 4, 2009

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

It is 12:37 p.m. and the current outside temperature is 57 degrees. The perpetual blue sky and sunshine in Colorado Springs are always good for my soul, but this -- this warm, delicious taste of glorious Spring -- just makes me happy.

I've been *forcing* the children to play outside every afternoon while this weather lasts, and incredibly, to Zach and Tyler, it's a chore to play in our giant backyard with no friends. Go figure. But today is playgroup day, and Tyler, Gavin, and I spent part of the morning in the park with some of our best buddies.

Gavin was a delight to watch as he explored the play structure. Now that he's a climber, he's reasonably safe and content on the smaller structures. He was amused for quite a while, and even chased some dogs across the grassy field.

Tyler is constantly complaining about the lack of play dates in his life, so this week has been fabulous for him. Our newly-formed babysitting co-op means friends at our place every Tuesday morning, and I plan to farm him out as often as is feasible so he gets more play time with other kids. Today he enjoyed romping around the park with some of his buddies.

All was well and good until some of the kids busted out their snacks...and then Gavin became the resident food stealer. We finally had to leave because he wasn't satisfied with the food and drink Mommy brought and his mooching was driving everyone (especially me) crazy. I took the picture on the left when we got back in the car, which offers evidence of the pb&j sandwich he stole from Adri, mixed with sand from the playground. The next picture was taken at home -- five minutes later!

Another happy note: Baby Girl continues to have a strong heartbeat and all seemed well with her at my appointment this morning. I have my list of pregnancy complaints, but hearing that reassuring whoosh-whoosh-whoosh and feeling her little kicks make the hard stuff not quite so bad. And if she comes out half as cute as her big brothers, we'll be set.
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