Feb 12, 2009

Busy, busy boy

Keeping up with active toddlers is not for the faint of heart. I know I'm not alone in my crazy-boy-chasing, but I thought I'd post these pictures, which capture the essence of an afternoon with Gavin. To say he is busy is a serious understatement.

Since discovering the joy of chair climbing, Gavin has learned to empty his bookshelf. While this keeps him occupied for quite a while, the integrity of his books has suffered. He is also incapable of righting this wrong by himself, of course, so I usually only clean up the mess once a day.

Another new discovery: opening the pantry. Yep, he can reach the doorknob, and I have yet to figure out a child-proofing method for bi-fold doors. Gavin is especially fond of raiding the goldfish crackers. He was dipping into the sugar and then the crackers before I caught him this time.

Perhaps the grossest thing I have found Gavin doing this week: plunging the toilet. It was just water, but eeewwww....

Here's Gavin perched atop an office chair, wearing the slippers he stole right off my feet. If I want to get something done on the computer, I'll often give up the chair (and/or my footwear) so he'll play happily in the room. Am I a pushover or what?

Apparently the dining table makes a great playground. I often finding him walking the length of the table. This time, since he was sitting, I snapped a picture. I am significantly more disturbed when I find him on the kitchen island; he can scale stools, too.

Getting ready in the morning is always a challenge, especially if I leave the job until after Garry and Zachary leave. I usually hold Gavin captive in the Johnny Jump-Up in the doorway, but sometimes he roams. And gets into everything. He loves absconding with tubes and creams from the drawers.

The shower is another favorite hang-out. He thinks it's hilarious to stomp around in the puddles. And usually I let him. I just make sure my razor is on a high shelf first.

Using the dishwasher cannot be done while Gavin is awake...unless he's strapped into his booster seat. This is why.

Whenever I go downstairs, the first thing I do is close the doors to the bathroom, the game closet, and the boys' bedroom. If Gavin spots the boys' door open, even a crack, he squeals and RUNS straight for it. He knows that on the other side is a delightful ladder he can climb, which leads to a high, bouncy bed that lets him touch the ceiling. What fun!
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