Feb 17, 2009

Controlling the chaos

This is what my brain has felt like lately:

A jumbled mass of junk and chaos. Like the contents of my purse (which I can't stand, by the way), the mess contains important information, tasks, tools, responsibilities, etc., but the container just isn't functioning very well. Things get lost, put in the wrong place, or forgotten altogether. The pile you see here includes four random keys that I cannot identify, ten writing utensils, six bracelets, four tubes of lip gloss...and yet a receipt I need to return something is nowhere to be found.

So what do I do when I can't cope any more?

Dump out my purse on the counter, for one.

And make lists.

This "brain dump" list is kind of long, but it totally ignores responsibilities related to housekeeping and child rearing. And it's relatively short-term, too. It covers a few weeks, maybe (hopefully). "Take a shower" should probably be on there. "Sweep and mop the bleepity-bleep floor" should definitely be on there. But I fully acknowledge and remember that those things ought to be done. It's the other things that only float into my subconscious at three in the morning or when I'm rifling through a stack of papers that I think, "Oh, yeah! I've really got to do that."

Here you see my efforts at getting a big monkey off my back. I found a white crib listed on Craigslist that seemed like a gem but in reality became a giant project. It will be nice once I've painted it, but I probably should have held out a little longer either for a real gem or for a brand-new crib.

Oh, well. Sunk cost, right? Good thing I think painting is a soothing exercise. And that I like checking things off of my never-ending lists. It's not like I have anything else to do during naptime...
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