Feb 13, 2009

Happy birthday, Bat-boy

Tyler is five. Wow.

Despite our dropping jaws (where did those five years go?), we managed to have quite the celebration for our little boy! Before chronicling all our adventures, allow me to digress with a small bit of nostalgia: the newsletter we issued five years ago to announce his birth to the world (ahem, our online family).

Back to the scheduled programming.

The first celebration phase happened at 7:00 a.m. with the ceremonial opening of presents. As per tradition, out-of-town relatives spoiled him silly, but the teepee I made was also a hit. Tyler played with his presents all morning.

Phase two happened at the doctor's office. Exciting, no? We scheduled his five-year well-check for today because his annual physical on file at preschool expires tomorrow. Happily, Tyler got all his immunization boosters last year, so today's visit was 100% positive and shot-free. I was happy to learn he has perfect vision and excellent hearing. Since we've worried about hearing in the past and one of his ear tubes fell out recently, it was nice to get that assurance. Ty is set to go for kindergarten!

Phase three happened with one
SUPER birthday party. I broke my own rule of every-other-year birthday parties since I knew it would mean so much to Tyler (stay tuned for the in-fairness-to-Zachary bash scheduled for March). As expected, the house was all mayhem and madness for an hour and a half as eleven superheroes zoomed around. The kids colored super heroes, played "pass the kryptonite," did super calisthenics, made a human yarn web, and went crazy with a ball and parachute game. We ended with presents, Batman cake, chocolate ice cream, and green "super juice."

I felt every day of my almost-26-weeks gestation when it was all over, but I also felt a little like Supermom watching Tyler. The presents and decorations and costumes and cake and party guests seemed so magical to him! He soaked up every detail and enjoyed every moment of his festivities.

Happy birthday, Tyler! We love you!

Post script: I also feel like today's post wouldn't be complete without mentioning Tyler's special birthday buddy, Candace. We're thinking about you today!
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