Feb 1, 2009

The time has come

So a few things have been bugging me and I thought I'd ask y'all for help.

Note: I am aware that these concerns are {very} superficial. Just work with me.

Number one: I want to convert to digital scrapbooking.

This has been a nagging thought for a couple of years. Even though I'm fairly computer-savvy, the whole-hog conversion is overwhelming to me. But I know a lot of you out there (many of you lurkers, in fact) are digital divas. So...please comment or email and share your favorite websites, magazines, resources, products, printing options, etc. I'd like to start a baby book for our little girl all 2009-digital-style.

Number two: I'm starting to really hate my wood floors.

Nothing can be done about this, except perhaps finding a better way to clean them. On advice from a couple of people, I'm operating under the assumption that hot water is the best/only way to mop. Seriously? After eight months here (woah...has it been that long?) I'm not convinced. Please enlighten me if you know of a great cleaning product or method or how much you pay your maid to do this ugly job.

Number three: Ditto for my granite-tile countertops. And my stainless-steel-ish fridge.

They are pretty, I will say that. But a dish cloth and water just leave them streaky and gross. I'd like to know if there's a way to make them really shine. Notice how I inherited some nice stuff in this house and I don't know what to do with it? Where's my formica and linoleum and metal? I'm a trailer-park girl at heart, I guess.

OK, that's all for now. I could have sworn there was a number four, but, well, you know how my brain works....
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