Feb 25, 2009

I really should be mopping the floor

No matter how much I plan ahead for something (like the little baby shower shindig I'm hosting tonight), there always seems to be more to do than time to do it.

In situations such as these, when my eyes are drooping and my head is pounding and I really just want to take a nap, I often employ avoidance tactics.

Like eating lunch for a long time, because I'm hungry and my children ate three hours ago.

Like ironing some shirts, because it's productive, despite being unrelated to the bigger task.

Like troubleshooting ridiculous electronic issues that my tech-savvy husband could accomplish in three minutes.

Like replying to email, commenting on blogs, and creating my own posts as if the furniture will dust itself and the lemonade will magically appear and the remains of yesterday's scrapbook supply sale will pack up and walk away on their own.

I'm really good at avoiding, and then during the final hours I'm freaking out about what's not done. It's predictable. And sometimes I just don't care! It'll all get done, and if it doesn't, well, no one else cares that much anyway.

In that spirit, I will now post three pictures that really make me smile.

I got a glimpse of what Miss Bartle might look like when we played outside with a neighbor yesterday. Gavin was enamored with Ruby's hot pink corduroy hat and wore it everywhere. Thanks to Garry, who tweaked this photo so just the hot pink is showing.

Mr. Ty rode down our cul-de-sac hill at least a dozen times on a little skateboard. With his skewampus helmet and bandaged arms (we're getting serious about protecting his awful eczema from his scratching nails) he looked a little silly, but that boy had some fun in the sun yesterday! Short sleeves in February? This is great!

And Zachary just about blew me away when he skated down the driveway. He was so tall in his skates and looked so old! He opted for backyard play as soon as his friend came out of her house, but Zach will probably tear it up on his blades this summer. For all the juvenile antics he still pulls, Zach is definitely growing up.

I have successfully squandered naptime now and still have yet to mop the floor. The time has come!
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