Feb 14, 2009

Poll results

Those of you following our tongue-in-cheek naming saga might be interested in the results of the Normal Mormon Husbands poll administered on our behalf. After 245 votes, the results are as follows:

Sarah Kate: 72 votes (29%)
Alexis Paige: 64 votes (26%)
Autumn Taylor: 50 votes (20%)

Lindsey Nicole: 32 votes (13%)
Allison Kennedy: 28 votes (11%)

We appreciate your participation in his humorous exercise! The Garry-Heidi naming jury is still out and probably will be until Little Miss makes her grand entrance. For now, Garry is still pushing Shyloh (it helps his cause that Gavin can sort of say it), Tyler votes for Lindsey, Zachary likes Sarah, and I favor different names on different days. My current favorite is Kate.

I keep having doubts, however, that this baby is actually a girl. I'll believe it when I see it. Until that happens, I think I need to have a boy name in my back pocket.
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