Feb 8, 2009

Guests make the party

I love the Russian proverb that says, "The guest has not to thank the host, but the host the guest." Being in charge of ward activities that go well really makes me feel that way.

Last night's High School Reunion was delightful! Ward members provided high school memorabilia for the decor, and adventurous ones also dressed as they did in high school. The letter jackets, poodle skirts, and big bangs came out to play....what fun!

As the guests arrived, they made name tags (to which many added their graduation year) and started completing a "classmate quiz." Each person had to find 20 people who had done specific things, like been in the honor society, skipped classes, drove a truck to school, was a varsity athlete, etc. That definitely got the conversations flowing! It was a very fun mixer activity.

Eating happened next. People either brought a goody to dip in the chocolate fountain or a simple appetizer. Once everyone had a plate, we started playing a game of Family Feud, which was based on surveys about high school that we distributed one Sunday last month. The volunteer contestants were hilarious and our host did a great job. I was a little sloppy with my "survey says" results board, but people helped out in the end. The winning team got 200 points during the speed round, so they went home with a slice of cheesecake and a gift certificate to a local ice cream shop.

For a few minutes after that, guests took turns reading aloud the wacky things people did in high school (these were also gleaned from the surveys). It was fun to learn who dated spouses in high school, who was voted best dressed, who was a scholar-athlete, etc.

And then there was dancing! The DJ we hired was worth every penny just to see the Bishop do the Chicken Dance and a couple of guys bust a move to rockin' 90's tunes. Once the lights when down and the music started pumping, though, I rocketed back in time 15 years and the wallflower in me came out. I hated dancing then and I hate it now, but it was super fun to watch the less inhibited folks enjoy themselves!

Garry took 124 awesome pictures, and there are way too many gems to post here, but I made a new album on my Facebook page if you want to check them out.
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