Feb 6, 2009


It's three o'clock in the a.m. and I can't sleep.

I was dreaming bizarre things before I woke up. Something about camping in a wooded glen, talking to Garry and my mother about jury duty, and then needing to find the outhouse. So I started running (yes, running, in my awkward state) up a giant, forested hill until I reached the summit. Then I turned onto a dirt road that became an urban road and I ran into a guy from college that I haven't slapped eyes on since the Fall of 2001.

We chatted amiably as we both ran along, as though we were both out for a leisurely jog. I was amazed that I could keep up with him, and I wasn't panting at all. He asked about my kids, I asked about his wife, and then I said, "Here's my stop -- catch ya later!" and watched him run away. Then I pulled out a key, opened the door to a Motel 6-ish place, and went to sleep in the bed. In the dream I woke up at dawn when the migrant workers in the room next to me started blaring their radios as they got ready for the day.

When I woke up in my actual bed, I thought I smelled rotten eggs...aka a gas I got up and sniffed around the house and checked on my babies and decided I was completely insane.

I was also completely awake. Still am.

But I'm not so worried about it. Because today, for the first time this week, I don't have something on my calendar at 9:00 a.m. No medical appointments, babysitting endeavors, play groups, registrations, volunteering, or errands.
No giant projects hanging over my head. I fully intend to stay in my pajamas all morning, just because I can. Sure, there's some stuff I have to do for the ward party tomorrow night, and I ought to sweep the floor. And make dinner (gag). But thankfully, the house is pretty clean and it's not laundry day and my giant sewing and birthday and Valentines and organizational messes of the week are finally put away.

So here's to a lazy Friday. Mmmm...sounds good.
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