Feb 6, 2009

From the archives

One of my "chill" activities today has been going through a box of high school memorabilia. What a riot! The yearbooks and scrapbooks and photos and plaques and trinkets I've saved sure brought back the memories. Just seeing people's messages in my yearbook -- their handwriting, even -- made it almost seem like I was walking the halls of good old Mesa High. That being said, you couldn't pay me enough to repeat those years.

Our scanner is down for the count, so I tried to get photos of a few highlights in my box o' goodies. Hopefully some of my MHS counterparts are reading this and will laugh right along with me. Enlarge the pictures for maximum entertainment.

In no particular order...

My siblings and me in the Fall of 1994. I was a junior at the time. Now we are 29, 28, 24, 22, 20, and 15, respectively.

Me with my letter jacket -- back then, my pride and joy. My parents surprised me with it after my first cross-country season, which turned out much more successful than any of us anticipated.

And now we see some real gems...this is scrapbooking at its finest!

This is the sweet boy who took me to Junior Prom. He asked me by taping a sheet of butcher paper over the frame of the front door to our house and filling the space between the paper and the door with popcorn and tootsie rolls. I had to find his name in one of the tootsie roll wrappers. He was a delightful date -- one of the best I had in high school.

These photos are from the date that precipitated Homecoming 1994. We were all on the cross-country team together, and even though we'd just run in (and won) a Regional meet the night before, our date included a rigorous hike. Good thing we were in fabulous shape, right?

The aforementioned Regional Meet -- we were the surprise back-to-back champions. I'm in the middle of the bottom photo in red shorts.

As you can see, my world revolved around cross-country. These photos are from my senior season, which was still fun in spite of a lovely concussion I sustained during the traditions assembly during the first week of school.

My Redd cousins and older siblings will appreciate this fab-u-lous scrapbook page...and the hilarious California trip it documents. Hi, Dream Boy!

Another silly dance. I went WAY out of my comfort zone to dress like this (I'm in the dress on the right, and dead center in the group photo).

One of the biggest surprises of my senior year: being crowned Prom Queen. This photo brings back memories and emotions of all varieties. Wow.

Back in the day when I thought I was a good singer, I was in a little group of girls that performed together occasionally. We had a lot of fun. We nailed "Amazing Grace" at Baccalaureate...or so we thought. I wonder if we were really good or just teenager-choir-junkies good?

Some snapshots of graduation. I'm in the middle. Thanks for clarifying the bottle cap around my neck, Chad. It was a silly inside joke for a small group of friends, and I think I'd prefer to keep it that way!

And who could forget the infamous backpacking trip I took after graduation? A rabid skunk attacked me in my sleep in the middle of the night. I had to leave camp early, hike out with my "rescue party," drive four hours back to civilization, and get treated for rabies!

I read the comics in the newspaper every day as a teenager and felt a huge hole in my life when Calvin & Hobbes stopped providing daily amusement! (Life was pretty dang simple for this to be a dramatic occurrence in my life!) This photo is of a New Year's Eve party I went to for the ringing in of 1996 -- graduation year.

A fun page of yearbook messages. "Don't ever change! Have an awesome summer! Don't get married while I'm on my mission! LYLAS!" And lots of really wonderful things, too.

Can you spot me on this page of seniors?

Ah, that was fun. Our high school reunion-themed ward party tomorrow night ought to be a blast.
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