Jan 23, 2009


Zachary's toe is markedly improved. He still has some redness and swelling, but wow -- much better. At his follow-up appointment today, we were surprised to learn that instead of a Staph infection, his toe has a Strep A infection! Keflex is still the prescribed medicine, so another week of that and Zach should be good to go. He's been wearing a walking boot but ought to be able to return to regular footwear and outdoor recess soon.

Tyler stayed home from school again with a fever on Thursday but seems to be all better now. His illness only included two puking episodes. Lunch today included his first "real" foods since Monday night. He's currently taking an incredible nap that ought to help his mood.

Garry lost ten pounds this week with his illness (nice perk, eh?) and missed two and a half days of work. He planned to return to Wells Fargo this morning, still a little raspy in the throat but no longer contagious....but then stayed home for me. (See below.) He's not up to 100% functionality, but getting there.

Gavin slept through Tuesday and Wednesday nights, and although he's still not a great napper, he's not as ornery as he has been. He constantly has fingers in one side of his mouth, so I'm sure his incoming molars are still bugging him. He threw up Wednesday night and Thursday morning, but both incidents seemed more related to eating too much than having the flu. We're crossing our fingers on that score.

I had horrendous insomnia Thursday night and ended up with two hours of sleep. Garry offered to "pay me back" for my weeks' labor and assume parental duty today...what a gift! I slept most of the morning and feel like a new person. Since Wednesday I have also retrieved "new" Gavin pajamas from the crawl space, finished the week's laundry and most of the ironing, eaten way too many treats, made lots of progress on my blog-to-Blurb endeavor, and started rearranging furniture and closets for the Gavin/baby bedroom transition. Don't laugh. I'm a planner.

The end.
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