Jan 3, 2009

Get well soon

At almost thirty years old, I am a very lucky girl to have four living grandparents.

My four grandparents are fabulous people and excellent examples of how the human race ought to be. I have such wonderful memories of both sets -- from my growing up years all way to today. Both sent my family thoughtful Christmas presents just last week, both send us birthday cards throughout the year, and we stay in touch via email and my silly old blog.

Tonight when the phone rang at 9:30 my mind went, as it always does at that hour, to the thought that bad news would be on the other end. Usually I'm happily disappointed, but tonight my dad's tone was somber when he told me that Grandpa Dixon is sick. The gravity of his illness is not yet known; he may be with us for a short time or for many years to come.

But the thought of him ailing up in Idaho makes me sad, so I wanted to send some well wishes and happy thoughts his way. We'll be fasting for you tomorrow, Grandpa, and praying for you and Grandma always.
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