Jan 8, 2009

Pajama parties

Gavin woke up at 2:00 this morning.

After a major five-minute freak-out (babies should not be up at this hour, and he knew it), he decided it was time to play.

So we went downstairs and found Daddy, who was engrossed in his online Lord of the Rings world. Gavin saw him and immediately burst into happy chatter. "Dadadadadadadada!!!!" He giggled and grinned and snuggled with The Preferred Parent while I desperately tried to hold on to my semi-conscious state. (I still fight with insomnia and don't appreciate midnight romps with one-year-olds.)

After rocking a while on the horsey and goofing around with Dad, it was obvious that without some intervention this child, though undeniably adorable, would be up for hours. Garry took him back to bed and Gavin was asleep in two minutes. I was not, but that's a different story.

In other pajama news, Tyler got to wear his new pj's to preschool today (Zachary was very jealous). He was delighted to see his teachers and classmates in their bedtime best. Each child also got to bring a toy for show-and-tell. He chose a little horse figurine he got for Christmas.

When we asked him tonight how show-and-tell went, he said, "Well, my teacher only asked me one question about my horse: 'Who gave it to you?' I just gave her a hint. I said it was from someone who lives in Arctica. And she guessed right!" Leave it to Tyler to make a quiz for his teacher. He obviously got enough sleep last night to use his little brain, unlike some of the rest of us.
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