Jan 20, 2009

A new kind of FHE

Last night we had a Full House Extravaganza.

It started with a group of friends getting together to make dutch oven fruit cobbler in the park near our house. Ten families, a million kids, open space, and food -- what could be better?

Um, the weather.

In spite of mid-50s temperatures, the stiff wind Colorado Springs is apparently famous for literally froze our plans in their tracks. Bummer! There was talk of relocating the party...but where? My house was just around the corner, and it was relatively clean, so that's when the FHE began.

In total we had 51 people (plus two in utero, and we were still missing Garry, who didn't get home from work until 8:00) chatting, playing, and eating. One mom had the brilliant idea to pick up ten five-bucks pizzas. We cut up some fresh food, filled styrofoam cups with water, and moved the hot dutch ovens to the back porch. Kids played outside, inside, upstairs, downstairs...and the adults found some chairs and talked up a storm. I thought it was a rockin' success!

Everyone pitched in to clean up, leaving the house cleaner than they found it. (One guy even brought our trash and recycling bins in from the curb and another guy swept the entire wood floor!) The party ended at 6:15, so we had time for leisurely little-boy baths and a few stories from
The Friend before bed. (The real FHE still had to happen in one form or another.)

Come back anytime, friends! You are more than welcome at my house.
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