Jan 9, 2009

On my list today

I've been devoting all my spare time (and then some) to computer projects: Blurbing, organizing photos, creating agendas, answering emails, printing blogs for my missionary brother, and of course, reading all of your fun baby girl comments here and on Facebook (thanks!). But there is a growing list of other things that need my attention.

Yesterday I finally mopped the yucky floor, cleaned out the fridge, did a major grocery shopping trip, and made dinner. Today my must-do list includes:

Finish assembling our 72-hour kits. {check}

Make this. {check}

Hang this. {check}

Finish this shopping list, do the shopping, and put it all away. {check}

Iron these. {check}

Paint these red.
If all of the above gets done, precede by a foot bath.

{6:00 p.m. update: I haven't made dinner yet, but I made it through my list!
Apparently announcing my intentions to the world gives me some focus.
Tonight I plan on a pedicure...since I can still reach my toes.}
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