Jan 24, 2009

Our first blogiversary

Before my week turned out the way it did, I planned to write an anniversary post, since January 20 marked one year since I switched from weekly email newsletters to blogging.

My, what a year it has been.

As I've been transferring the contents of our blog to book form, I have been overwhelmed at times with how much I wrote and how many pictures I posted in 2008. But I've also been elated that I took the time to record so many memories.

Just reading our January archive alone made my head spin. We decided to move when Gavin was six weeks old. We hired a Realtor, packed, painted, and put our house up for sale, and then I took the three boys to Mesa for ten days to escape real life.

I had forgotten how incredibly stressful that all was. Blogging became my release, my way to vent and celebrate and document the craziness of our everyday existence. Of course, we survived the year, and I doubt we could have pictured back then how happy we'd be when the turbulent waters of Spring 2008 finally settled.

So here's to another year of blogging. I hope this one is a little less adventurous than the last. Whatever happens, I'd like to thank you, dear readers, for making my efforts at recording it such a rewarding experience!
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