Jan 11, 2009

Back to you, Corey

Facebook recently helped me re-connect with a friend from my freshman year at BYU. Corey Christiansen is now a news reporter and weekend meteorologist (weather guy) at Channel 7, Denver's ABC affliate, and even though we haven't seen each other for probably ten years, he offered to give our family a tour of the news station on Saturday. We had a great time, learned some interesting behind-the-scenes stuff, watched part of the live 5:00 broadcast, and really enjoyed playing with the green screen for weather graphics. Thanks, Corey, for a fabulous tour! (We also enjoyed your weather blog when we got home.)

The station building.

Sitting at the news desk.
Tyler's comment upon sitting down: "I predict there will be rain in the Himalayas!"

Seeing Corey's weather graphics for the 5:00 show.

Being squirrely in our chairs before the live show.

Checking out the teleprompter.

Standing in front of the green screen.
Wearing green makes a person's image disappear on camera.
We had so much fun with that!

Waving to the camera with Corey. Notice Zachary's missing upper half.

And here I am trying to look in the mirror-image screen to find Colorado Springs.
Enlarging the picture will help you see the result on the right.

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