Jan 29, 2009

Learning and growing (and possibly driving me crazy)

Since Gavin turned one, I haven't been as regular at recording his growth and development, but I have noticed a lot of things about him lately that I want to remember.

Some of his emerging skills:
  • Helping himself to water via the freezer door dispenser
  • Climbing on chairs and couches
  • Throwing things in the toilet
  • Crawling in the dishwasher
  • Navigating down stairs quickly and easily
  • Following simple directions (notable exception: "stop doing that")
  • Getting his own diapers and wipes when he's stinky (and putting them away later)
  • Signing a few words (eat, more, cereal, cracker, all done, milk, baby)
  • Identifying body parts on himself and others
  • Playing peek-a-boo
  • Making church an attend-at-risk-of-peril endeavor
  • Folding his arms and attempting to close his eyes during prayers (see picture)
Interesting personality traits:
  • Being more attached to Russell (the stuffed bear) than ever
  • Adoring brothers and Daddy, especially after an absence
  • Hating to see Mommy sitting in the office chair
  • Bullying children twice his age and/or size
  • Stealing food from people and the pantry
  • Being obsessed with big-people shoes; wearing them on his arms or feet
  • Refusing to wear his own shoes
  • Taking off his socks no matter the temperature
  • Having unexplained and uncontrollable tantrums
  • Loving to play with laundry baskets, belts, and remote controls
Physical changes since November:
  • Completely outgrowing size 12-months clothing; now wearing 18-24 mos.
  • Wearing size six shoes
  • Cutting four molars in the last month
  • Weighing more than 28 pounds
  • Losing the ability to sleep through the night and nap well or regularly

I have a cute video of Gavin doing some of the signs he knows, with encouragement from the whole family. Unfortunately, it won't upload at the moment. Maybe later!
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