Jan 22, 2009

You know who you are

To the sweet soul who brought my family dinner tonight:


The enchiladas were delicious.
{I'm looking forward to a few lunch leftovers.}

The salad hit the spot.
{I ate nearly half of it myself.}

The rolls were enjoyed by all.
{Even those with no appetites.}

Garry and Tyler appreciated their personalized Gatorade bottles.
{Especially Tyler.}

Zachary and I really enjoyed the cookies.
{Brownies? Mmm...very chocolately.}

Gavin is obsessed with the colored Goldfish.
{I only buy orange.}

And that Ben & Jerry's looks like heaven in a box.
{I'm saving it for later. Can't wait.}


Thank you so much for your efforts.
{The gesture all by itself means so much.}

With love & appreciation,

Nurse Heidi and the sick ward
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