Sep 29, 2010

We buy in bulk

At 2:55 p.m., I read an email about this week's grocery specials in my area. One item caught my eye. Albertson's leanest ground beef was on sale for $1.97 a pound, which is about 50% off. The sale started today. I had to have some beef.

So with just thirty minutes before I had to pick up Zach and Tyler from school, the Littles and I ran to the grocery store. I really dread running errands because Gavin and Lexi are totally crazy in a shopping cart and extremely ornery if I strap them in a stroller. But I thought this errand was manageable because I only needed a few things besides beef. We'd be quick.

We spent 10 minutes in the store. I was sweating in the check-out line. Gavin and Lexi behaved just as expected and we were the spectacle of the supermarket. But as I loaded our items onto the little conveyer belt, I had to chuckle to myself.

We buy in bulk.

I bought 22 pounds of 97% lean ground beef. I bought 20 cups of Yoplait yogurt (each at 35 cents, which is a
great deal!). I bought 9 jars of Taco Bell hot sauce. And I bought bananas, because I buy bananas at any store I enter that sells bananas. We eat a lot of bananas. And beef. And yogurt. And hot sauce.

I guess we are a big family...with a big appetite!
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