Sep 22, 2010

My day

Well, it started with mopping the floor (once to get it clean, and once to polish it). That took about two hours.

The boys were late for school.

Then there was the Oreo Incident.

I stepped in the shower to find that my leather sandals were also bathing. (Thanks, Lex.)

I blogged too much.

The Littles escaped.

We went to playgroup at the park (mostly a disaster).

Then I climbed through this window because I left my keys at the park.

Then early naps for the Littles and a healing phone call for me.

I attempted to make peanut butter play dough, but the end result was anything but malleable. Hmph.

So I started to clean out the garage, and found a quart of spilled (but dried) paint. I discovered it peels right off of cement. Score. That corner is more organized now.

I picked up the boys from school in pouring rain and drove to the scout store for Bear supplies. We dropped off junk at Goodwill on the way home and the kids enjoyed free Tootsie Pops.

The boys set up the electronic keyboard (I'd really like to sell this beast). We have a grand piano that is rarely touched, but hey -- the keyboard has demo songs.

Garry came home at five, and then Tyler and I went to Kohl's for new shoes and Michael's for supplies to decorate his bag for music class. The impulse purchase of the night was Silly Bandz.

My visiting teaching appointment was canceled because the lady we visit is sick. I wasn't feeling so hot myself, so that was OK. I ate dinner with the family instead.

When I got Gavin ready for bed, he hugged me and said, "You're the best Mom ever." And then he put my pajama pants on his head.

Lexi trotted around in a Batman mask.

Then we all read 2 Nephi 25 and the kids went to bed. I plan to follow very soon.

The end.

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