Sep 15, 2010

For Sam

Today Lexi wouldn't take a nap. I desperately needed to rest, so she and I sat in my bed and scrolled through Facebook together on my cell phone. I visited a few friends' profiles to check out pictures. I landed on the page for Sam Shaha, who is quite possibly the coolest 12-year-old I know. He and Lexi have a special bond and our whole family misses him terribly now that he has moved to Arizona.

This is Sam's current profile picture:

Aw.....tender! We snapped this in our front room just before Sam moved.

Lexi and I talked about Sam and scrolled through his photos on my phone. When we came to this one, Lexi started exclaiming, "Sam! Sam!" She gripped the phone and wouldn't let it go.

So I grabbed the camera and took a sweet little video just for Sam.

We love you, Sam!
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