Sep 14, 2010

Morning project

This morning I sorted Lexi's clothes for size and season. A hint of Fall has been in the air, and I wanted to determine how much shopping I need to do for my pint-sized girl. It turns out that Lexi hardly needs a thing. I can't wait for the cooler weather to arrive so Lexi can start wearing some of the cute outfits I have stored away for her. Most are baby shower gifts, but some are things I added to my "baby girl hope chest" over the years.

One outfit was just perfect for today: a light blue shirt and adorable cotton pants with green and blue flowers. It fits her better than her summer clothes but is still cool enough for this warm day. She looked so cute that I decided to take a picture.

Lexi wasn't super cooperative during our impromptu photo shoot. Gavin charged onto the scene, determined not to be left out. I wasn't surprised. Most of the photos didn't turn out, but I loved a couple of the shots.

My photography isn't great, but I love what the pictures capture about their personalities. Lexi is a cuddlebug and loves to look at books. Gavin is a little daredevil with a soft spot for his sis. Seeing his arm around Lexi's shoulders makes my heart melt. For that moment, I was one content mama.

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