Sep 22, 2010


I have a guilty secret. I keep a bag of Double Stuf Oreos in my night stand.

Sometimes I bring a cup of milk to bed and delight in a few Oreos, like a little nightcap. They go perfectly with an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond. Then I brush my teeth and go to sleep.

It's a terrible habit, and certainly to blame for my ever-widening hips and fattening belly. I know this. And yet...the Oreos are there, and I love them. (But only with milk.)

This morning I was busted. Gavin and Lexi raided the stash. It's really amazing that they haven't discovered it before now. They probably ate two-thirds of the package -- I had only finished one row of cookies!

After I laughed, I thought, "Better their hips than mine!" I let them each keep the two fistfuls of cookies they hadn't consumed.
I didn't offer them milk.

Someone looks more guilty than the other. I promise I fixed Lexi's hair later...

Is this the first step of repentance?
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