Sep 2, 2010

Earth to Mom

When I have a big project to accomplish or a task to complete, I tend to focus on that as a singular objective. I ignore everything that I can and make concessions with the rest so I can finish as quickly and efficiently as possible. This bit of information won't surprise anyone who knows me well. I'm the get-it-done girl, which has its perks, but this week I don't think my kids are going to honor me as Mother of the Year.

You see, as I have been preparing for carpet installation, painting, attending to my normal household tasks, and recovering from two consecutive weekends away, I have been busy. Everywhere I look I see a mess or a project or something else that needs my attention. I devote nap times and late evenings to the most critical things, but this week I have also spent many of the kids' waking hours caught up in "the thick of thin things." These projects seem important because they have deadlines attached, but I have realized that kids also have deadlines. They are only little once.

So yesterday after nap time, I watched Clifford The Big Red Dog episodes with the kids. Now, this may only be a slight step up from bad parenting, but it felt so good to cuddle with my babies on the couch. Gavin and Lexi nuzzled in my ample cushioning and we all just breathed in and out together.

Later, we played outside. The Colorado sunshine is so glorious, especially with the late-summer breeze. Yesterday we enjoyed absolutely perfect weather. The kids were in heaven, and I loved watched them romp on the play structure in our back yard. I think we built it for them.

I don't aspire to be Mother of the Year, but being Mother of the Hour is definitely OK once in a while.
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