Sep 22, 2010

He's a bear

Last night, Zachary was thrilled to advance in rank at his Cub Scout pack meeting. He earned his Wolf badge after almost a year of hard work. I haven't been a terrific scout mom (my efforts are sporadic at best), but we reached this milestone together, a month before his ninth birthday, so I think we're doing OK.

At the pack meeting, which had a jungle theme, Zachary got his awards and a painted face.

Then we went to Baskin Robbins (Zach's choice) for ice cream to celebrate. Since it was just the two of us, I tried to engage Zach in conversation. I wanted to hear about school and football and scouts and his life. Zach offered one-word answers and a rosy view of the world, which hasn't really been our reality at home. Despite my confusion, I was glad for a happy evening with a happy boy.

Love you, Zach.
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