Sep 27, 2010

Gospel insights

I am in the midst of preparing my next Relief Society lesson. While on the hunt for a specific quote, I have come across some fantastic messages. Here are a few gems I'd like to remember:

"There is a lie -- a vicious lie -- circulating among Latter-day Saints and taking its toll among the young. And that is that a 'balanced man' is one that deliberately guards against becoming too righteous." [
Carlos E. Asay]

"If you judge people, you have no time to love." [Thomas S. Monson]

"It is better to prepare and prevent than to repair and repent." [John Bytheway]

"The men and women who desire to obtain seats in the celestial kkindgdom will find that they must do battle every day...Thus let every Latter-day Saint protect and guard his little [garden] against every effort of the enermy to assail, and secure a foothold therein. Let us see to it that we are ready for the enemy, to battle him at every point, contending bravely aginst him until he is repulsed." [Brigham Young]

"We promote the process of strengthening our faith by doing what is right -- increased faith always follows." [L. Whitney Clayton ]

And then this amazing talk by John Bytheway from the 2008 Campus Education Week at BYU: "Weed Your Spirit, Grown Your Testimony." It's a long one, but worth every minute of listening! I took tons of notes. Maybe I just love the gardening analogy.

Are you looking for a way to talk to your kids about keeping gospel standards? This talk is incredibly informative and inspirational, yet fun and entertaining.

I have a new favorite blog:
Mamas Who Know. It's full of inspiration for mothers trying to raise their children in the gospel. I absolutely love it, even though I've never met the author. Someday, maybe! :) Recent posts have included lots of links for activities to keep kids occupied during General Conference. Check it out!

While I was listening and browsing and perusing (during nap time), I was also making strawberry jam. It's the most satisfying afternoon I've enjoyed in a long time!

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