Sep 12, 2010

BYU v. Air Force

About a month ago, we heard that the BYU football team would visit Colorado Springs for a game against the Air Force Academy. Through a promotion online, tickets were just $5.00, so we decided to attend as a family. After talking to some friends, our fun idea expanded. Garry bought a block of 50 tickets together, which we then sold to friends. I found a babysitter so we could leave the Littles at home. We marked our calendars for a fun family event!

The big day finally arrived on September 11. Zach was probably the most excited, since he now has experience with football and his friend, Gavin, got to come along. However, Tyler and I were so sick that we couldn't join them. Tyler's croup (and my grown-up version) was quite debilitating. We were both a sniffling, hacking, snorting mess. I canceled with the babysitter, sold our tickets, wore pajamas all day, and bemoaned the loss of a unique outing and exciting social opportunity. Bummer!

Now that my complaining is out of the way, here are some pictures from the football game.

Garry, Gavin, and Zach

Tiffany and Kristi; Josh, Colleen, Ramona, Shaina, Heath, and Jen

The Jack family: Stephen, Meredith, Tim, and Randy

Scenes from the game and half-time.

I am still so disappointed I missed out -- even though BYU's performance was pretty lackluster. Maybe next time! Go Cougars!
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