Sep 28, 2010

Exploring the back country

On Monday afternoons, Tyler takes a music class. I was a little skeptical about its value at first, but now I think the semester is going to be fantastic.

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The class meets from 4:15 to 5:15, but each student's family joins the class for the last 15 minutes. This is a mostly exhausting venture for me, but I am happy that Tyler is having such a fun and unique experience.

Yesterday during class, Zach, Gavin, Lexi, and I explored the terrain behind the music teacher's house. The rocky outcroppings, sandy earth, and prickly bushes everywhere made our "hike" a bit precarious for me (I wore sandals and was balancing a baby on my hip), but Zach and Gavin were completely thrilled with the adventure.

We managed to dodge all of the cacti and avoid major spills. When we were done out back, we ran up and down the isolated, hilly road in front of Miss Ro's house. Lexi enjoyed chasing her shadow. Zach and Gavin exhausted themselves on the incline.

The best part of this adventure was its effect on the 15 minutes of family participation at the end of Tyler's class. Gavin and Lexi actually paid attention. (Maybe the drums helped!) At the end, during the "good-bye song," Gavin AND Lexi sang their parts at the appropriate time. That has never happened before!

I was very sad that my phone battery died just as we walked into class so that I couldn't get pictures of Tyler in his element. But since we'll be back every Monday, I will have many opportunities to be better prepared!
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