Sep 4, 2010

The state of things: a photo essay

Operation:NewCarpet is in full-swing. I have painted two bedrooms. Our furniture is here, there, and everywhere (except on the carpet), and our closets are emptied. I am taking the opportunity to organize and purge our belongings as we go. It has been an exhausting week, and I'm wishing for a rest. Blogging with my feet up has never felt quite so luxurious!

Our couches didn't want to make the turn from the stairway into the garage, so here they sit, legless, in our front room. This furniture arrangement confirms my desire to have a nice purple chair and ottoman between the front door and the window. Upholstered furniture adds just the right amount of "cozy" to a room with lots of hard surfaces and clean lines.

Lexi's room is now pink, and she has been sleeping in the portable crib (quite well, I might add) for a few days now. The curtains are just meh...and obviously I need to fix the longer one. I can't tell you how many times I have applied the seam ripper to those babies already. A seamstress I am not.

I am thrilled with the paint colors in my bedroom. THRILLED, I tell you. Even though this picture is horrible.

The other day Gavin grabbed hold of the towel rod in my bathroom and attempted to walk up the wall. I was in the shower and became quite startled when the rod ripped out of the wall and crashed to the floor with a screaming boy attached. Garry patched the hole today. Maybe this room will be the next to get paint.

Most of the furniture is in the garage. Our home teacher spent a couple hours helping Garry move the biggest stuff. We owe him a plate of cookies or something. Maybe two, since he is coming back in a few days to help put it all back.

This room looks positively enormous without furniture. This is the room I am most excited to see with new carpet.

Amidst all the furniture moving and the painting today, these machines were very busy. The laundry must go on! The only trouble is that all of our dressers are in the garage....

The most exciting news is that the treadmill, when disassembled, fit in the bathroom downstairs. What a relief! Hauling that beast up the stairs is no small feat.

Zach is thrilled about sleeping "on the floor." His closets were so jam-packed. Emptying them took a long time.

Food storage (from one of Zach's closets) is hanging out in the utility closet. Let's hope the furnace doesn't choose this week to spontaneously combust next to all that wheat.

I was almost giddy as I organized Gavin and Tyler's closet today. It was a long-overdue project. I filled a couple boxes for Goodwill and the stake's book drive. Sweet satisfaction!

Anyone who knows me will audibly gasp at the state of this counter. I am a clean counters sort of girl, and this level of clutter gives me heart palpitations. (Go ahead, laugh at me.)

Last night, after ironing our clothes for Family Picture Day (which I am sure will merit its own post when we get the pictures back), I unplugged the iron and set it on this cluttered counter. It immediately tipped over....right onto a plastic GAP bag. I haven't had the time to research the ways in which I might salvage my awesome iron. Bah.

And last -- but certainly not least -- Gavin has been wearing underpants on top of his diaper today. This is a compromise we have reached in recent weeks. I have once again determined that I am NOT ready for potty training. Gavin is very interested in underwear, but not in being responsible for his bodily functions. I just bought another jumbo box of diapers, which Gavin apparently intends to camouflage with briefs. I'm totally OK with that.

Perhaps I could negotiate a trade: I clean your closets and you potty-train my son. Anyone? Anyone? Eh, I didn't think so.
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