Sep 26, 2010

Awesome Saturday

Our family had a great day yesterday.

Dad made a big breakfast of poofy pancakes (we have Rachel to thank for the yummy recipe).

I made a major grocery run (including a few birthday gifts for Zach) at Walmart with Lexi in tow. It's truly amazing how pleasant shopping can be without a two-year-old.

Garry took Zach to his football game warm-up.

I followed an hour later with Tyler, Gavin, and Lexi.

We watched the last three quarters as a family. It's truly amazing how pleasant the sidelines can be with two parents and happy children.

During half-time we walked over to Prospect Lake. Gavin dipped his toes. The best part was watching Daddy and the Littles together.

Gavin and Lexi were pretty cute, too.

Then we watched the rest of the game. Zach is still trying to get the hang of tackling. His team beat the Panthers 34-0.

After the game, we went to BJ's Velvet Freeze for ice cream. We were hungry for lunch, but only got dessert. Then we went to Costco for the bulk portion of our grocery needs. (I haven't shopped for a few weeks!) We sampled lots of delicious things (lunch!) and made a couple of impulse purchases: macaroni and cheese from the deli and a giant stuffed teddy bear for the kids.

Then I went to the General Relief Society Meeting broadcast at the stake center. The broadcast was absolutely fantastic! I was riveted from word one, took copious notes, and had personal revelation during the meeting that has given me a lot to think about.

I came home to a family who had cleaned the kitchen after dinner. Gavin and Lexi were in bed. Garry and I folded laundry while Zach and Tyler read a chapter from 2 Nephi out loud to us. That was a choice experience.

Garry and I fell asleep on the couch watching an episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond," my favorite show EVER. I laughed so hard....and I'm not sure how I fell asleep between fits of laughter!

Last Wednesday, I was surprised when comments to my post were sympathetic. I didn't mean for that post about my day to have an ornery tone -- the day wasn't so bad. I thought I was just being matter-of-fact.

So to be clear: Saturday was terrific. I love my family.
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