Sep 29, 2010

Part monkey?

This morning we went to playgroup at the park. The outing wasn't originally on my agenda, but Gavin was driving me bonkers. I knew he needed to run. So off we went.

Gavin didn't spend as much time running as he did climbing. As I hovered nearby (hoping to break a fall, should he lose his balance), I was struck by how limber and dextrous he was. He never wavered, never lost his grip, never seemed unsure about his next move. He had absolutely no fear as he shimmied up to the highest places. I couldn't believe the ease with which he maneuvered his little body. He was fast, but he was careful. Perhaps I was naive, but he seemed pretty safe way up there. That's when I got out the camera (phone).

Judging from those happy grins, you'd never know this kid spent half his day in time-out for raiding the pantry, escaping the house, hurting other people, or yelling, "I HATE...[the car/the shopping cart/his booster/his mother/this house, etc]!!!!"

You'd also never guess that this kid is a super star in the potty training department. I introduced the idea pretty casually on Monday. He jumped on board whole-heartedly. He has only had two accidents since Monday morning, and one of them was during a nap (he refused a diaper). He has been on several long-ish outings, used potties in public places, and had incredible success at home. I am totally impressed!

I am also very, very glad he is asleep.
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