Apr 13, 2010

Spring walkabout

Spring has finally arrived in these parts. We are more than ready for the longer, warmer days! Our family has enjoyed a few long walks in the glorious sunshine. On Saturday, while Garry attended to Wells Fargo business at home, the kids and I set out on another adventure. This time the boys talked me into walking to their school so they could enjoy the playground. Almost immediately I regretted leaving the camera at home, but my cell phone worked in a pinch.

As the only kids on the playground, Zach and Tyler had a blast breaking all of the rules of appropriate playground behavior. For once I just looked the other way, let them be crazy boys, and prayed silently that no one would break an arm.

Somewhere along the 1.5-mile walk to the school, Lexi pulled off a sock and threw it out of the stroller. Oops! She didn't seem to mind being half-barefoot, even though those naked toes were ice cold.

Gavin had a great time pretending he was one of the big boys. He traversed the upper-grade-level playground with amazing ease. I can't get over this kid's fearlessness, coordination, and balance.

There was plenty of silliness and "Mom! Look at me!" action going on, too.

All in all, the kids had a great time. At the last minute we decided to walk a little further and visit our fun friends in the next neighborhood. I forgot to take pictures that day, but remembered yesterday, when Gavin, Lexi and I visited again (on another walk). Gavin idolizes the Shaha family and begs to see Melanie and her kids on a regular basis. I don't mind indulging him; they're some of my favorite people, too.

When I called Melanie yesterday to see if we could come say hello, I was five minutes from her house. She immediately commenced making chocolate chip cookies for us. I'd walk three miles for those cookies any day!

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