Apr 23, 2010


This is my 600th blog post. How did that happen?

When people ask how often I blog, I tell them, "five or six times a week." I guess that adds up! Over the last 27 months, I have averaged 22.2 posts per month, or 5.5 per week. Turns out my casual estimate is right on target!

I started the blog a bit reluctantly in the early weeks of 2008. I was a little tired of my weekly family newsletter gig, but not so sure that blogging was for me. I worried about each kid getting an equal share of the blogosphere. I worried that people wouldn't care at all what I had to say.

As it turns out, I love the free-form blog structure. I love that I can share pieces of myself and my family in the way that I want. And I love, love, LOVE your comments. Even though I only have a few followers left in the wake of micro-blogging, Twitter, and Facebook, I still really enjoy the blogging community camaraderie.

Besides being a fun social network, blogging has helped me create an awesome family history. Thanks to my frequent posts and the fabulous service Blurb provides, I have cherished keepsake books that have preserved great memories for myself and my children for years to come.

Last week I went to a Relief Society activity in my new ward. Each woman was asked to bring an object that represented her interests. I was initially stumped. When I turned to others for advice, every person said I should take my blog book. I hesitated.

Am I my blog?

Eventually I decided that if the answer to that question is "yes," then I'm OK with that.
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