Apr 21, 2010

This afternoon

This afternoon I looked out the window and saw my little boy climbing the fence in his socks. I was exasperated and nervous and amused all at once -- and I knew I wanted a picture. My little point-and-shoot was nowhere to be seen, so I hefted Garry's giant, fancy camera out into the backyard, hoping that its settings would be nice for some outdoor shots.

What started out as one picture turned into about a hundred. I was captivated by Gavin's unstructured play, with his sense of adventure, his boundless energy.

Lexi had come into the yard with me, and I plopped her into our newly acquired wagon. A family in the ward gave it to us since their kids have outgrown it. My kids are completely thrilled. Lexi didn't have the wagon to herself for long.

After a long series of photos, I wandered around the yard taking pictures of my budding trees and tulips. But of course I came back to my cuties who were happily playing in the warm sun.

What an awesome afternoon.
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