Apr 6, 2010

Daddy's standing ovation

The man of the house had a birthday yesterday. Our happy Daddy had a great day. The family celebrated after dinner with presents and raspberry sheet cake. There's nothing like iTunes and Taco Bell hot sauce to make Garry smile!

Instead of lighting 34 candles, we lit 7 -- three in the tens column and four in the ones column. For the guy who loves lucky number 7, this was the perfect solution.

The cake was fantastic -- just ask Lexi and Gavin.

Gavin offered a delightful rendition of the "Happy Birthday" song. He entertained us with his singing throughout the evening, which you can see in the first video at the end of this post (for some reason I can't move it).

Lexi, however, stole the show. As we were preparing dinner, she wowed us all by standing up on her own in the middle of a room. She repeated the feat a dozen times over the next hour. We caught her on camera (the second video below).
Our little girl is growing up so quickly!

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