Apr 22, 2010

It's official

Tonight for dinner the kids and I drove through Chick-Fil-A and picked up dinner. We set up camp chairs in the garage, chowed down, and threw away the trash before going inside. I snapped a photo with my cell phone because the situation was so humorous.

I have a feeling that this routine, cell phone photos and all, might become commonplace.


Because I hate cooking. Oh, wait, you already knew that. But there's another reason, too. Our house is on the market.

Yep, we finally listed it -- for sale by owner. It's official.

The road to this particular day has been long and winding. I haven't appreciated the potholes and delays. But over the weekend, a difficult experience crystallized an important fact for us: we are ready to go. It's finally time.

So we're moving forward. The house is listed on several FSBO websites. We have shown the home to four Realtors in two days (no potential buyers yet) and have another appointment in the morning. We are hoping that the home buyer tax credit deadline next week might make this a busy weekend for us. If not, we are still moving in the right direction: towards moving.

To answer the question that is probably on your lips: No, there has not been any progress on a job for Garry. He will likely transfer to the Black Canyon Wells Fargo office and have an ugly commute for a while. We are praying that his physical presence in Arizona will make him a more attractive candidate in the job hunt.

Since Christmas I have felt like something special was going to happen with the sale of our home, and that miracles would pave the way to Arizona. So far I have been disappointed. But I still believe that our decision to go is correct, and that with God, all things are possible.

Here we go.

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