Apr 4, 2010

Eggs, etc.

We aren't quite sure if our kids believe in the Easter bunny. Zach made a comment this morning that made us believe he knows Mom and Dad are behind all the fun. We opted not to probe for details this time. Regardless of the origin, the kids enjoyed their Easter baskets this morning...and all of the candy.

Last night before bed, Zach asked, "When would it be appropriate to come upstairs and look for Easter eggs?" Stifling a laugh, I set 7:00 as the appropriate time. Zach and Ty came upstairs at 6:30 (which was better than the 5:00 of the last two mornings). Gavin, Lexi, and I had been holed up in the office for 30 minutes, trying to be quiet. The Littles had already found two plastic eggs and devoured the contents before I set the big boys loose to find their baskets and collect the several dozen plastic eggs that were hidden around the house. There was much fun and laughter. And sugar.

A few obligatory photos follow.

We didn't dye eggs this year. The boys didn't ask; we didn't offer. A grand tradition lost? Eh, maybe. But for a mama who's not so keen on hard-boiled eggs, it's not too tragic.

Happy Easter!
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