Apr 5, 2010

In disguise

On Saturday I cleaned all the carpet in the house with a machine I rented from Home Depot. While I was working, the kids were playing (that's what kids do, right?). Gavin discovered the long-forgotten bin of dress-up clothes under Tyler's bed. The whole family eventually got in the game (sometimes while we were watching Conference).

Gavin was especially funny in costume. He decided that all superheroes growl. Whenever he put on a mask, he would throw his hands up like claws and say, "Rahr!" Sometimes he'd say, "Boo!" He really thought we couldn't recognize him, so he'd pull off his mask and say, "It's me, Gavin!"

On another note, Gavin got this fun car for his birthday in November. I thought it would be a huge hit but until recently it just sat in the corner collecting dust. Then Lexi discovered it. Now she sits in the car while Gavin pushes her around the room. It's fantastic entertainment for everyone. I love seeing these two cuties play together.

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