Mar 10, 2009

Virtual Croatian care package

Dear Elder Dixon,

Since you are serving the Lord in a faraway land, we wanted to send you a package of goodies for your birthday to remind you that we love you. So, two months ago, your nephews and I browsed the aisles of Walmart, put together a little box, and mailed it off on January 16.

Full of love as it was, that little box had quite the journey! After making the two-week trip over land and sea to Osijek, Croatia, the box discovered you had moved. It probably missed you by just a couple of days since you were transferred to a new area a week before we expected. We hoped the box would get delivered to the missionaries in your old apartment or forwarded to Pula, your new hometown, so we enlisted the help of other missionaries to ensure its safe arrival.

For about five weeks the little box's whereabouts have been a mystery.

But a few days ago, much like a homing pigeon, that little box came back to us. Clearly, it has had an adventure.

It was just begging to be opened.

And, since we can't afford to send it on another cross-continental journey, we will enjoy its contents and officially owe you one birthday present!

Much love,

Your sis and her fam
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