Mar 5, 2009

Gavin at 15 months

Since Gavin visited the doctor for a well-child checkup yesterday, a milestone post seems appropriate. At 15 months Gavin weighs 26.5 pounds and is 33.5 inches tall. He's crazy-busy, has twelve teeth, and needs a hair cut.

This collection of photos illustrates many facets of his life.

It must be interesting to view the world from this angle. I think Gavin loves to climb because it puts him on the same level as everyone else. He's getting rather quick and nimble in his old age; scaling stools, chairs, and tables happens rather rapidly these days.

Does dirt taste good? Ask Gavin. He seems to like it. He likes to fully experience the outdoors. The warm weather has been good for his little soul, although he has no concept of safety or reason when it comes to roads, hills, cars, or bicycles. Keeping up with him outside is a lot of work.

Gavin adores bath time. He bangs on the bathroom door and asks for a "ba" at least five times a day. If someone leaves the bathroom door open, he'll climb into the tub in about two seconds. He has almost figured out how to turn on the water.

This is Gavin's collection of furry friends. He's hugging Joe and Lucy, but also in the pile are Sammy, Russell, Mikey, Elmo ("Momo"), and Jack. Not pictured: Cougar ("Coogoo"). These creatures bring him untold joy!

"Do I look like Zach?" Gavin does anything and everything to imitate his brothers. He loves to be included in their activities. Wearing Zachary's "hat" makes him so happy, as does straddling Tyler's scooter or sitting on his tricycle. He wants to badly to make the wheels turn. Something tells me it won't be long!
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