Mar 3, 2009

Things overheard

Tyler is always saying something funny and I often regret not writing down his witticisms. Here are just a few from this week...the ones I remember:

"Mom, you look like a librarian today."

(Was it the glasses, the flabby tummy, or the general frump? I didn't want to ask.)

"That was a great talk up there, Mom!"

(This came after I shared my testimony in Sacrament Meeting on Sunday. I was surprised he was listening from the back row, immersed in his coloring book as he was.)

"I'm skiing in the car, I'm skiing in the car, I'm skiing in the car. Now I'm done. --sigh-- I have a fabulous imagination!"

(He can definitely entertain himself, and apparently he's proud of it!)

"I don't just have great brains, you know!"

(Ty offered his exclamation after I complimented him on being kind to Gavin.)

"Mom, couldn't you have the baby girl and leave her here with us so it's not just boys at home?"

(This seemed like a practical solution when we were discussing my upcoming trip to Oregon.)

Tyler, you're just delightful. Keep the laughter coming, ok?
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